Web Design

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong

BAM Festival 2022 Website

Creasant team has crafted a webpage dedicated to hosting the event details and registration for the "BAM Festival 2022" hosted by Mercedes-Benz in 2022. Drawing inspiration from Mercedes-Benz's visual theme, "THE FUTURE IS MAGICAL", the design exudes dark, enchanting hues that embody a forward-thinking spirit and extraordinary valour. Beyond aesthetics, the site resonates with a commitment to progress and sustainability. Within this platform, visitors can delve into the details of the series of exciting events, ranging from vehicle showcases, cutting-edge technologies, and green innovations to wellness insights, gourmet delights, urban lifestyles, e-sports, and musical entertainment.

Intuitive Design brings the BAM Festival to Life

To best serve the attendees of the BAM Festival, we've strategically placed all vital information on the homepage for effortless access. Details like the date, venue, map, transportation options, and an engaging promotional video are immediately available, offering a compelling first impression. The blend of imagery and text seamlessly merges with the site's deep, futuristic hues, ensuring a smooth and captivating browsing experience across desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. Just glancing at the website design is enough to pique interest in the festival.

Each segment has a dedicated page for those diving deeper into the festival's offerings. Whether it's spotlighting the latest limited-edition Mercedes-Benz vehicles, featuring a roster of performing artists, laying out seminar timetables, highlighting children's entertainment zones, or presenting gourmet delights, every thematic page resonates with the diverse experiences that the BAM Festival promises, each rendered with meticulous design finesse.


Exploring the World of Mercedes-Benz

One of the carnival highlights is 'The World of Mercedes-Benz', which includes a series of workshops specifically designed for women and a garage experience featuring Mercedes-Benz vehicles. To emphasise the significance of this program, our designers crafted striking visual icons and incorporated interactive elements for the web visitors. This design choice ensures visitors have a lasting impression of the 'Mercedes-Benz World', enhancing their motivation to participate in the event.


Culinary Delights at the Carnival

At the carnival, Mercedes-Benz's esteemed culinary collaborators curate every delightful sip and bite. The website features a meticulously crafted page where visitors can delve into profiles and access direct links to each catering partner's site. This allows attendees to pre-emptively explore enticing gastronomic offerings, strategically chart their journey, and effortlessly navigate to their chosen food stalls once on-site. It's an orchestrated experience ensuring that visitors, alongside their friends and family, can wholly savor their day at the event.