eCard Design

Customised Christmas eCards 2017

Traditional Christmas cards, typically crafted from paper, necessitate mailing or direct handover to recipients. Yet, as technology has evolved and internet usage has become ubiquitous, e-cards have emerged as a more versatile and interactive choice, imbued with animations and music for a richer sensory delight. In Christmas 2017, we pushed the envelope by intricately weaving our clients' unique business narratives and philosophies into the festive milieu, ensuring their partners sensed each gesture's profound sincerity.

More Than Just Wishes

With multimedia elements, personalised designs, and rapid transmission speed, e-cards go beyond just conveying Christmas greetings. Coupled with unique and innovative story interpretations or concepts, they present a stellar promotional opportunity for professional, contemporary, and innovative brands. For instance, our team might transform a client's product into a creative Christmas tree, hand-illustrate Hong Kong landmarks as a Christmas playground, reimagine machinery used in a client's business as vehicles for delivering Christmas gifts or even design electronic circuitry into festive motifs. Even the fonts and colours used on the card are meticulously adjusted to align perfectly with the client's corporate image requirements.


e-card's Digital Greeting Renaissance

Fueled by passion, our experts excel in creating digital greetings tailored for enterprises. With a rich history of over 15 years in e-card personalisation, Creasant consistently keeps pace with the latest technological innovations. Our mission is to craft e-cards that resonate powerfully with your brand's essence and message, flawlessly conveying the joy of the season to your audience. Dive deeper into our offerings at , or for efficient, template-driven options, head over to