eCard Design

Customised Christmas eCards 2019

Christmas offers a heartfelt opportunity for businesses to convey gratitude and festive wishes. Through this season, enterprises can strengthen their bond with partners, acknowledging their enduring support and collaboration. In this spirit, e-cards have emerged as the most contemporary, swift, eco-friendly, and innovative method for outreach. As 2019's festive season presented society with a chance to recharge, our esteemed clientele, both new and longstanding, utilised the occasion to fortify their business relationships.

Elevating Brand Image through Innovative Greetings

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional greeting card design concepts that captivate viewers and amplify our clients' brand reputation and prestige. Beyond merely fulfilling client specifications, we proactively introduce creative ideas: illustrating the historical evolution of Hong Kong to showcase a client's longstanding legacy, employing American-style animation to capture a client's vibrant versatility, rendering lifelike food imagery to accentuate a client's culinary mastery, and crafting animated depictions of employees across departments to promote organisational transparency. Such unparalleled designs underscore the trust and confidence our clients place in us.


E-Cards That Echo Your Brand

At Creasant, our dedication is unwavering as we masterfully craft e-greetings tailored for businesses. With a legacy of over 15 years in e-card customization, we remain at the forefront of the latest technological advancements. We're committed to creating e-cards that truly reflect your brand's essence, seamlessly delivering festive joy to your stakeholders. Explore our extensive offerings at or, for streamlined, template-based solutions, visit